1a. 358th AVN Det.


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The 74th Reconnaissance Airplane Co. Vietnam Veterans Association is a Fraternal Veterans Organization [to be filed under IRS Code section 501(c)19]. We are established for the purpose of holding reunions, writing unit history, preserving artifacts and re-establishing the camaraderie of the Company, platoons and attached elements associated with the 74th RAC. We are trying to locate everyone who served with the 74th RAC in Vietnam. This web site is dedicated to the brave U.S. Army Aviators killed in action or became M.I.A. while in service to their nation and with whom we also proudly served. 
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The 74th Reconnaissance Airplane Company was originally designated the 74th Aviation Company (S.A.L.)  [Surveillance Airplane Light]. The 74th RAC was formed from the assets of the 73rd AVN Co. (Surveillance Airplane, Light) whose callsign was "Backspin" and was organized on 26 March 1965 and stood down 20 March 1972. The 74th was headquartered at Phu Loi Army Airfield, grid XT 8418 about fifteen miles North of Saigon, Republic of Vietnam.  The 74th RAC was initially assigned to the 145th Combat Aviation Battalion and in February 1968, to the 210th C.A.B., 12th AVN Group, 1st Aviation Brigade.  The company consisted of a headquarters section, service platoon, four airplane platoons,  maintenance section,  supply section and all of the other elements of an Army aviation company. This company was assigned 32 0-1D,E or G model airplanes. Over the seven years of Vietnam service, this unit lost at least fourteen pilots KIA, possibly as many as seventeen and one MIA. Despite having a table of organization and equipment (TO&E) aluthorization of 32 aircraft, 46 were destroyed as combat losses This unit was tasked with many major missions throughout War Zone D in the III Corps Tactical Zone. This unit supported the U.S. 1st Infantry Division, 9th Infantry Division, the 5th ARVN and 18th ARVN Divisions along with free world allied forces and long range reconnaissance patrols. We also supported U.S. Navy Riverene operations (Swift Boats) on the Saigon river, in the Rung Sat Special Zone South of Saigon and the large fuel farm at Na Be. In 1965 the company was briefly headquartered in Saigon. Later it moved to Bien Hoa before permanently headquartering at Phu Loi. If you have any materials with any of these designations, please get them to me so we can post them on this site. Links to other related sites are shown on page two. An interesting article about the 74th RAC is located at   http://www.1stavnbde.com/Artcles/74art1.html   Thanks for stopping by this site. Earl (Rusty) Russell, Aloft 10, [one zero 1967~ 68]
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1LT Earl (Rusty) Russell, 1st Platoon- Lam Son, RVN - Feb. 1968
358th AVN Detachment "Volunter" 525 MI Group

The 358th AVN Det. was my unit for my second tour. There is no website for this unit, and I have included this information for former 358th members.

358th Aviation Detachment, 525 Military Intelligence Battalion. Radio Call sign was Volunteer. This detachment supplied aviation support throughout Vietnam for the  525 MI Battalion. There is a page of photos for the unit. Click on the 358th page button at the very top of this page to go to the photos and text.  Send me photos for inclusion.

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